Regroup Therapy is a company that I helped start as Chief Technology Officer, responsible for technology leadership and product strategy. Having just finished its successful Series A raise, and coming off a year of explosive revenue growth, Regroup is poised to be a leader in tele-psychiatry healthcare.

I am a co-founding member of The Digital Life Collective, an organization of people who are working to promote and build technologies that protect individual privacy and identity. In an era of unprecedented privacy erosion, led by massive companies that profit from our digital surveillance, we work to develop tech by us, for us. Tech we can trust.

Servo is a digital product development agency that I started in 2008, specializing in building sophisticated web and mobile apps for its partners. I have had the good fortune to work with some amazing groups of people to help produce a portfolio of some very cool products and tools.




I am a student of the martial arts. I currently hold a purple belt in the art of Brazilian Jiujitsu and spend most of my free time at Redzovic Jiujitsu, where I teach and train. It's a great school.

In addition to jiujitsu, I am certified to teach the art of Yiquan, a Chinese fighting system that I learned while living in Beijing with the 3rd generation lineage holder, Yao Chengguang. I have also studied Chen-style Taijiquan for over a decade with a number of masters in the United States and England.

I created a service called Technika, which is a site that allows martial artists of all types create online subscription-based video courses. Create video instructionals, techniques, lessons and share them on the internet with interested students in HD video.




I try to regularly put down some thoughts, mostly for therapeutic reasons, but hopefully they might prove useful for others to read as well. I tend to write commentary on politics, psychology, martial arts, health and technology.



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